About Us

Thoughts & Mace Advisory is a policy, legal and third sector consulting firm focused on providing excellent resource and support for clients drawing from the extensive governance and policy background of the firm partners. Established in 2006, Thoughts and Mace has offices in Lagos and Abuja and affiliate offices in Benin, Mali and Senegal. T&M is a dynamic firm dedicated to anticipating clients’ concerns in an effective and cost sensitive manner. It has a dynamic skill base especially in capacity building, advocacy, good governance, public policy analysis, strategic planning, team building, program development, legal/legislative research, and public interest litigation. T&M’s internal structures ensures personalized service to peculiar clients’ needs. The Firm pays close attention to the interplay between clients’ needs and their business and personal goals with deep appreciation of the impact of services to good governance and effective organisational operations. T&M has the vision to build long lasting professional relationships and develop an international network of resources relevant to democracy 

Our vision

Governance in Africa and beyond reflects the best interest of citizens and ordinary people.

Our mission

Our aim is to be a global resource for democracy promotion for governments, institutions and practitioners through knowledge creation, skills development and third sector ecosystem improvement.

Theory of Change

Our theory of change proceeds from the interplay of actions between third sector institutions, governments, private sector, and citizens. We believe that the primary responsibility for providing good governance rests with the Government. A free and thriving civic space is central in supporting the government and holding it accountable to its obligations.
Consequently, IF we generate knowledge, improve skills, facilitate spaces for comparative learning for third sector institutions and enhance their collaboration with government and private sector, then the ecosystem's effectiveness will be enhanced, and citizens’ quality of lives will be improved.

Our values